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Re: OMD shots - SD trip- from nikon D7000 user

Dixa wrote:

full frame has it's place. it will have a three dimensional sense of depth to prints that smaller sensors are unable to reproduce. it's something you can't show or quantify on a monitor just as people generally can't tell the difference between 645 and 35mm film scans on a monitor.

for real professional landscape work (ie. you're getting paid to do it), full frame is where it's at. if you're getting paid for it, you'd prob also have assistants to lug yer crap around so weight not really an issue.

for all the rest of us, this camera system is the bees knees.

Thanks for your thoughts, Dixa! I actually do get paid for my landscape work, and I've sold just as many large prints (e.g., 20 x 30 to 40 x 60) from cropped sensors as I have from my full frame (5D, 1Ds) or MF (645D) systems. Although I do agree with you about the quality differences between the various system, I'm not sure the average person buying prints really cares. That's just one landscape photographer's perspective, however.

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