Focal Plane Shutter failures?

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Re: Focal Plane Shutter failures?

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Entry level DSLR have shutters rated from about 50,000 actuations depending on the model. They can fail anytime, but that's the "average" expected life.

Pro grade systems from shutters rated for 100,000+ actuations.

At 40 a day, and assuming you shoot three times to get each keeper, you'll use about 35k-50k a year.

What sort of calculator do you use to get ths figure. I don't shoot three shots of each static building shot either.

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Basic arithmetic with some assumptions. The poster assumed you have 40 things to photograph per day, needing an average of 3 shots to get it right. That's 120 actuations per day or 43800 actuations per year if you shoot every day. Extend that number a bit downwards and upwards and the estimated range of 35k-50k comes out.

Now the number is a strong overestimate for most users. 120 shots per day, every single day, is an average that almost noone hits. Most users will not have more than a few thousand actuations per year, which means the shutter can easily last a decade, even on a consumer-grade camera.

Construction site shots are likely to be working day shots, which means about 250 most years, for a total of maybe 30,000 a year. In actually, with vacations, sick days and holidays, it's probably closer to 210 days annually, and I'd almost bet that there needn't be 3 shots per on each. So, for safety sake, a high side of 20,000 annually should do. Maybe.

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