More X-Pro 1 Landscapes with the Sigma 16mm and Fuji 35mm - (South Downs - UK)

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Re: More X-Pro 1 Landscapes with the Sigma 16mm and Fuji 35mm - (South Downs - UK)

I completely understand your situation, and it's the same situation I found myself in before I took the plunge.

My advice, if you can wait a bit longer - than wait and see if the 2 new Fuji cameras rumoured to appear at Photokina are true - I think whatever happens - AF improvements (beyond the realms of what can be done with firmware updates) are undoubtedly going to be evident in new models, even if they're cheaper "budget" models as suggested.

The current "budget" m43 offerings from Olympus and Panasonic both focus infinitely faster and more accurately than any of the original "pro" m43 offerings and I think its safe to assume this will eventually be the case with the Fuji X series.

If not, then ask yourself this - for the expense can you deal with (at times) unreliable AF, having to deal with paralax and a crop sensor - if the answer to any of those is "no" then don't buy in yet.

I have lots of issues with my Fuji, but right now I'm actually having too much fun with it to even consider selling it - I realise how annoyingly contradictory that sounds, and I know others have said it, but somehow it's just the way it is

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