ByThom, I challenge you to a duel

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Re: ByThom, I challenge you to a duel

These are the kind of posts I don't understand. The OP obviously got a good D800. Well done. My D700 on the far left AF points is accurate - not as good as centre but perfectly useable. My D800E far left are so far out that a 20 point AF fine tune won't fix it. And there are clearly a good few people like me. The camera costs $4400 (in the UK) and Nikon won't even acknowledge the issue nor even tell us which service centres can fix it.

Hogan is simply pointing out that from a customer care point of view Nikon is making a mess of it. Nobody denies the camera is great but Nikon are making a mountain out of a molehill just out of sheer stubbornness. And they deserve to be called out for it given the cost.

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