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Re: 1DX - save/load settings (incl Custom Func) to/from the memory card

Thanks, I know about that already. That was the same as previous bodies. But that would mean having to store those on a separate card and load them each time.

Eventually I'll find a compromise to this, but I find it a bit odd this was implemented the way it was.

Lemming51 wrote:
Up to 10 sets of settings can be saved and selected.
See p. 347-349 of the 1D X instruction manual.

jayphotoworks wrote:

One thing that I found very different and annoying is the loss of the 3 banks for saving custom functions on the 1dx. In its place, I have 3 custom shooting modes C1, C2, C3. This is less than ideal.

I usually register 3 sets of custom functions (1 for general purpose, 1 for af tracking, and the last one for almost auto everything) on my previous 1d3/1d4 bodies and load them depending on what I need. Regardless of what I load, it is indepedent of my mode position (P, Av, Tv, etc.).

Now with the loss of that, I have to save these into the C1, C2, C3 banks on the 1dx, but once I save the settings, I am pretty much stuck with the Mode position. If I saved Av in C1, then I can't select C1 and decide to use Tv for example or M.

Once I leave C1, C2, C3 and head to the mode I need, I lose my C1/C2/C3 customizations, so I would have to write down all of my settings, move to the mode I need, re-set everything up, and re-save it again. Then I would have to reset all of my previous settings outside of the C1/C2/C3.

What a inefficient implementation by Canon here.

I remember when I was shooting my Panasonic LX5, if you saved custom settings in a custom position, there is the option of changing the shooting mode after the fact.

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