Its wait and see with Micro Four Thirds

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Re: Its wait and see with Micro Four Thirds

It does make for faster performance. However, its the difference between taking maybe 2 seconds or so to focus a phase detect lens on a contrast detect body and taking 1 second. 2 seconds is an eternity, 1 second is just slow. A body with real phase detect sensors takes maybe a quarter to half a second to focus depending on the body and lens.

Decent native contrast detect lenses on a good contrast detect autofocus camera can focus in similar times to a good PDAF body with a good PDAF lens. Focus times with the E-M5 are in the range of .2-.4s with a decent CDAF lens.

The couple of sources I have read who have handled the EOS-M have reported that focusing times with the 22mm and the zoom are in the range of 1.2-1.5s, which is actually worse than the E-PL1 with a good CDAF lens (that is about the focus time using the old 14-42mm Mk I).

I haven't heard of anyone who has tested a PDAF lens on the EOS-M, but since it supposedly has the t4i's sensor, from what I have read if you disable mirror drop so it ONLY uses the hybrid sensor (I believe default is that in live view on the 4ti, the mirror will briefly drop allowing the PDAF sensors to be used, allowing for rapid focus, then the mirror pops back up and the PDAF on sensor sites are used to fine tune focus, greatly speeding PDAF focusing up), then it takes roughly 1-1.5 seconds to focus with most PDAF lenses...which is better than what most CDAF bodies can manage with A PDAF lens, but it is still SLOW.

Really the autofocus performance in general with the EOS-M sounds like it is going to be rather embaressing. In terms of PDAF performance, it is a step in the right direction, but it doesn't suddenly provide super speedy autofocus with PDAF lenses and CDAF is just horrible.

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