Some X-pro 1 street pics

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Re: Some X-pro 1 street pics

nawknai wrote:

Oh, I'm not implying that I'm awesome. I just commented with no

I wasn't implying that you thought you were! Just trying to sort of apologize in advance to the OP for the critical nature of my comments.

Sometimes I'm brave, and sometimes I end up intending on taking people photos, and end up with photos of the city.

When I go out to shoot on the street, I'm pretty single minded and do a lot of that and a little of the other stuff if I see something interesting. But I have to get into a particular zone of hyper-awareness of what's going on around me to be any good at all street shooting. And I always come away with far more duds than keepers, but if I'm really into it and working it, I almost always come away with a handful of keepers...

It's funny, because my very first set of shots with my X100 --- roughly 180 keepers --- were some of my absolute best, while everything since has been average. Perhaps I'm just being picky, or I really was braver that first weekend, when I set out to take photos of people at all costs!!

There's always a bit of "new camera smell" associated with a new shooting experience. I always do pretty well with a new camera just because I'm psyched to be using it. But ultimately, I do my best work with gear I'm VERY familiar with and can use without really having to think about it. A street shooter I have a lot of respect for says the best thing a camera can do out on the street is get out of the way. I feel about the same way. I don't have an X100 anymore, but I have an X-Pro, an OMD, and a Ricoh GRD3. I'm very comfortable shooting on the street with any of them, but I seem to get my most consistently good results with the OMD and the Olympus 12mm lens, which is ideally designed for zone focussing. But everyone has to find the tools that work best for them.


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