Changing Lenses on the Fly - Help!!!

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Re: Thanks for the Idea - Youtube

The problem with most of these suggestions is wearing/carrying/having more stuff.

I have a backpack with rain gear, sweatshirt, sweatpants, snack, water, sun screen, etc.

I want to be able to hike and easily remove and/or put on the backpack without getting tangled. I have the lens case hanging from the back of my backpack with one strap paralleling one of the backpack straps down the front. I don't feel it when I'm walking yet I can easily reach and pull the lens bag to the front.

I didn't want a soft lens bag due to the conditions to I got a somewhat larger one that is foam shaped. Unfortunately it closes with a zipper so that takes two hands. What I did was attach some velcro to the cover and body so I can open and close it securely with two fingers of one hand. Actually, my concern wasn't so much opening the case but the lens fally out between putting the lens in it and attaching the other lens to the camera. With the Velcro I can just push it down and the cover is secured.

I want to be able to hike without my hands/arms hitting things on my belt.

I have a little cell phone carrying case that clips to my belt. Since cell service is so bad in national parks I may keep my cell phone in my backpack and use the case to temporarily hold the lens cap. That won't add anything that gets in the way.

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