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Re: To any Naysayers that DO NOT have the camera...

Scenerio #1 - You bought a hundred D800's and have done testing on all of them.....and concluded that you would have had at least one camera that would have a problem and found NONE of them to have problems.

Scenerio #2 - You have MANY....(hundreds) of trustworthy sources who have purchased D800s and none of them have any problem whatsoever.

Scenerio #3 - You bought one camera that is working well and using poor logic then assumed that every camera is fine.

So say Reccomended on one camera's output and to blindly assert because you got one good copy....ALL the copies are good...Well thats just bad reporting.

Welcome to the ranks of Ken Rockwell. (exactly what your accusing Thom of....yet you seem to be using the same shoddy control elements Ken uses to paint Thom as wrong)....very interesting and poor logic.


Biological_Viewfinder wrote:

I own the D800e, and it is utterly amazing in ALMOST every regard.

To say "not recommended" is emotional and not objective reporting (period).

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