Bokeh difference 5D MKIII+50 1.2L + M9+50.1.4

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Einst Stein Contributing Member • Posts: 780
Re: Bokeh difference 5D MKIII+50 1.2L + M9+50.1.4

The question is on the camera + lens combination.

But even the camera factor alone makes big difference, the flange distance and the sensor structure, (the micro-lens factor) all contribute to the image formation.

Erwin's Leica site is very convincing but biased towards Leica M, particularly on the 50mm lenses. It's your choice to agree with hm or not. Ignoring some special cases, in general, Leica's image rendering is the standard that all lens and camera makers are chasing after.

My personal view on this matter is, it's all about how to present the main object with the compressed attraction of the background and the "distracting" objects. The center of interest is still the main object. When I see people examine the background with loup or super zoom-in, I can't help to laugh at it. Yes, I know I'm talking about the people who do the camera or lens reviewer. They really love that to death. ..., I mean, they love it because they make their life on it.

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