ByThom, I challenge you to a duel

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Re: ByThom, I challenge you to a duel (HUH?!?)

Biological_Viewfinder wrote:

Take a picture of a dark scene with any other camera ever made which debuts its price-range at the D800 or below. Use every precaution to use that resolution to its fullest and be completely fair and use the same lenses on each camera (I don't care if it's 3rd party lenses, just make it completely 100% fair).

Huh....not sure, but are you asking Thom to take a very specialized picture that does not have anything to do with the problems the camera is having to prove your point? A specialized picture that I might very unusual if not downright not representive of what most photographers would take with this camera? Why a dark scene?

Then when you find that the D800 surpasses all other cameras ever made in that category, quit with the politicism and be more accurate in your reviews and keep your personal opinions out of it. Stop catering to the whiners and find a more reasonable way to interact with Nikon rather than disrespecting one of the most important breakthrough cameras in digital history.

How would a picture taken the special way you ask make that assertion? I am really confused.

Everyone here respects you and your opinions because you don't go all Ken Rockwell emotional on people.

Translation.....I dont like what you have to say about my new therefore I will ask you to jump through hoops to prove me right? If you dont I will call you names and lump you in with somone with zero credibility?

I for one applaud Thom for taking a stand. He is the one that cries foul when the problems are not real. For him to do this, he had to have overwhelming evidence. There IS a reason his reputation is better than others you have mentioned...he deal with real facts.


I do need to stop this....its silly.

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