why Sony can continue normal pace of Nex lens intros

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Alpha 18-55 zoom is example of the LARGER, better option

pete: [would like to have a fast 24mm less expensive than Nex 24/1.8]

RussellInCincinnati wrote:

It would be unquestionably convenient for us users to have budget and small, and expensive and large, options for every focal length and max aperture...

So pete, was agreeing with you that it'd be great if for every single focal length, Sony offered both a cheap lens and a heavier, better one.

Russell: point of this thread was to hazard that Sony and Canon inherently have those choices already for their mirrorless users, via adapters, without having to crank out many (smaller duplicative mirrorless) new lenses.

pete: Sorry but an Alpha lens plus adapter doesn't fit either the budget or the small part of the choice you say Sony are offering.

Whoa, nobody was saying that Alpha lenses via adapter are the small option. Guess did not make myself clear.

  1. It would be great if for every focal length, Nex users could buy a small, inexpensive lens and a more expensive, higher performance and faster (thus larger and heavier) lens. Of course, who wouldn't want more options?

  2. Critics should start by admitting that Sony has the small, inexpensive part handled, for focal lengths from 16-18mm, through 210mm. Nex'ers can buy featherweight 16mm and 1:1 macro lenses, and light weight, inexpensive 18-55 and 55-210mm zooms. All with super quiet focusing (and some stabilized) for video use.

  3. Can understand people wishing that Sony would start cranking out the higher performance, larger, more expensive versions of the above inexpensive, light weight lenses.

  4. Am pointing out in this thread that there are other reasons Sony might be in no rush to produce such larger, higher performance eMount lenses. Reasons besides the arrogant, banal and baseless claims that Sony must be too stupid to understand the photographers in general want options for nicer lenses as well as lighter ones. (Say baseless because nobody has produced a quote from a Sony employee saying Sony doesn't see why Nex buyers could possibly want more lens options).

The first reason that Sony does not feel compelled to prioritize marketing heavier, higher-performance and expensive lenses (besides the 24/1.8 which of course immediately elicits complaints that by gosh it's too expensive), is that people buying Nex bodies obviously don't have the nicest, largest lenses as their first priority ...as the popularity of the Nex camera testifies. This makes sense, why would a person valuing highest-end, largest lenses be buying the smallest, lightest APS-C camera bodies in the world? And if those greatest lenses are so vital , why are Nex's selling well at all? And why aren't lesser cameras with all those vital, APS-C-optimized super-lenses selling better? Obviously Sony already knows what's vital for the Nex better than many of us.

The second reason Sony is not prioritizing Nex-optimized higher performance lenses is that those lenses tend to be larger, heavier and more expensive. And if you want larger, heavier and more expensive lenses for your Nex, heck you can just run out today and buy a $130 dollar manual focus (or $330 dollar autofocusing) Alpha mount adapter, and buy higher performance, larger Alpha lenses . And you can use those Alpha lenses with bigger, more-pro-featured-than-a-tiny-Nex Alpha bodies, too.

Don't like the 200 gram 18-55 Nex kit zoom? Buy the $130 dollar, 120 gram manual focusing or $330 dollar, 200 gram LAEA2 autofocusing adapter, and slap on the $50 dollar, 220 gram Alpha 18-55 zoom. Hey if you want larger and better, it's a real step up from the eMount, even at its widest or worst focal lengths.

Or buy the LAEA2 and get the new Alpha mount 18-50 F/2.8, or Zeiss-ish 24-70, or Sony G 70-200/2.8 zoom if you want larger, higher-performance, more expensive options. Or the 450 gram Sony/Zeiss 16-80 universal lens, if the 200 gram Nex 18-55 bothers you so much. Buy the not-too-heavy Alpha 50/1.4 if you're dying for a larger, faster prime lens at 50mm. Heck there's 85/1.4 and 135/1.8 and huge 200+mm super tele and "G" options too.

So if there's already some way that Nex users can get larger, better lenses for their tiny Nex bodies, of course Sony could prioritize getting out lighter, super convenient lenses during the first few years of the Nex. For reasons besides Sony being stupider than all the forum experts we have...who often never even show us they know the slightest thing about taking clear Nex pictures.

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