Some X-pro 1 street pics

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Ray Sachs
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Re: Some X-pro 1 street pics

nawknai wrote:

Sorry, I don't like the photos. The photos quality is good, but I don't find the subjects interesting. They're not really engaged in anything except walking.

I feel the same, but hesitated to say anything because the key is to just get out there and DO it a lot, so I don't want to discourage you. I do a lot of street shooting and I'm far from a master at it, but with time, you start looking for a story, an interaction, a moment, something HAPPENING in the shot. Occasionally a shot of someone just walking down the street is OK, but there needs to be something REALLY interesting about them.

But taking photos of people is difficult. It's difficult to criticise because I don't think I could always do better. Sometimes I would, and sometimes I wouldn't.

This is why I held off saying anything until now. Its not really that difficult but its VERY difficult when you're new to it. First because we're all a little self-conscious about it initially, and second because there's always a LOT going on, a lot of moving pieces that you're trying to bring together, and you really have to develop a system and a technique with your gear and know it to the point that you barely have to think about it when you're shooting. I tend to use zone focus so I can let the moment dictate when I trip the shutter, rather than letting when I achieve focus dictate when I take the shot.

Stay with it - these are FINE for someone relatively new to the genre. Technically they're completely fine - very good. They just need to tell a bit more of a story. The main thing is if you enjoy the process, keep going out and doing it and in time you'll get more comfortable shooting and so you'll get more discriminating about WHAT you're shooting. Now it probably feels like an accomplishment to just GET the shot of people in public. But in time that will become second nature and then you can start focussing on what's going on in the shot.

These aren't there yet, in my opinion. But they're an absolutely critical early step and they're fine in that context. Keep shooting, keep posting, and we'll start seeing some big changes over the next few months!


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