How would the lens on the RX100 need to change in order to remain fast throughout?

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Re: How would the lens on the RX100 need to change in order to remain fast throughout

nosnoop wrote:

adhemar wrote:

And this exactly the point I was trying to make in the other thread. Panasonic, with the FZ200, has a lens that open at F2.8 at the long end of the zoom, 108mm, true focal length.
Why can't Sony make a f2.8 lens at 37mm?

And this is the reason:

Pay attention to the size of the lenses !

If size is not a constraint - sure, Sony could have put in a f/2.8 lens.
BUT they want to make the RX100 pocketable .

Is the FZ200's f/2.8 lens pocketable? Not really. And that's the constraint that the designer has to face. RX100 has to be compact and collapsible to a very thin profile. FZ200's type prosumer camera has more freedom to include a bigger lens.

As I have been saying all along, it's all about size of fast lens in long focal length lenses, e.g. check out the size of 300mm f/2.8 lens for DSLR for example.

You don't get it, do you? Let's try one last time.

Panasonic has been able to achieve a large improvement at the long end of their zoom, from f5.2 to f2.8. And this, without any significant change to the lens size!

What is preventing Sony from doing the same?

PS: 37 / 2.8 = 13 mm. Hardly bridge cam territory.

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