Q about Auto ISO on 550D/T2i and Later models

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Re: Q about Auto ISO on 550D/T2i and Later models

No. Auto ISO for the 550D is only up to ISO 6400. Auto ISO selection does not include ISO 12800 even if it is enabled using the custom function (ISO expansion). The same is true with 600D (has ISO 12800 but auto ISO limited to ISO 6400). Don't know about the 650D. Auto ISO could be up to 12800 (has ISO 25600 which can be enabled in a custom function). The 650D though is inferior in high ISO's (6400, 12800) compared to the 550D and 650D.

PhilPreston3072 wrote:

Does Auto Iso on 550D and later models use the full range of Isos available? I am thinking of upgrading.

I have been using the 450D and the Auto Iso is limited to Iso 200-800 which is inadequate to me. Iso 100 and 1600 are my most used Isos. I am thinking of upgrading if the Auto-Iso covers the full range. I really want to use Iso 100 in bright sunlight, and Iso 1600+ for evening indoor shots.

Auto Iso makes it a lot easier when my wife or friends are borrowing the camera.

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