Should I buy NEX-5N or wait for NEX-F5?

Started Jul 21, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Should I buy NEX-5N or wait for NEX-F5?

Kalabalik wrote:

I've been shooting with a Canon S95 for a 15 months and feel that my skills have matured enough to warrant an upgrade to a more capable system. Sony's NEX-5N looks like the ideal camera for me, but I've heard rumors about a successor (NEX-F5?) being released soon (this summer?).

So my question is simply, should I wait for the F5 or just get 5N? Will the F5 actually by released "soon"? Has it even been announced, or all the information we have based on leaks and rumors?

always wait if u can ..especially now that its around the corner.

worst case scenario you would buy the 5N ..maybe slightly lower price now that its replacement is up .
best case the 5F is a nice improvement over the 5N

also beside launch deals there is always Xmas area to get better prices ..or kit for that matter to come with .

either way even if u do end up with the 5N u made a very smart choice and i hope ull enjoy it.

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