Shutter lag in NEX compared to DSLR

Started Jul 25, 2012 | Discussions thread
gfrensen Veteran Member • Posts: 3,627
Re: Shutter lag in NEX compared to DSLR

An DSLR is using PDAF (Phase Detect Auto Focus) that system is faster then the CDAF (Contrat Detect Autofocus)

Second is that a mirrorless camera has to close the shutter before taking a picture, then open it and then close it again. The close/open sequence cost a fraction time.

Newer models (like the 5n and 7 I believe) has an Electronic front shutter, so the camera does not need the shutter to close first, and they can take pictures a little faster.

And you can try to prefocus and compase and then look at your kid directly,(not by the LCD) and expose when it smiles.

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