Tethered shooting software for D800 ?

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I have Nikon Camera Control Pro 2.0 running on two machines. Never use both at the same time, but I originally installed it on my desktop to confirm it works. Then when my laptop was ready I installed it on that.

I bought Camera Control Pro 2.0 from Amazon as a hard copy CD, but you need to install the updated version from the web anyway.

The idea that it installs on only one machine is wrong. However, my feeling is that ethically you never be running two copies at the same time when you have paid for one license.

I haven't run camera control pro since version 1.0 but

you most certainly can, like all Nikon software, install on a new computer.

I agree it is not ethical to install and run on two computers at the same time. The license agreement may say only one computer at a time.

I certainly think it would be legal and ethical to buy, install on one computer, buy another computer uninstall from the old and install on the new.

I can't see any provision for this not to work.

I have done this a few times with the old camera control pro and Nikon capture NX.

Why not get a trial version for 30 days? Also read the EULA.

b) Use the full version of the SOFTWARE ("FULL SOFTWARE") on up to two (2) of your own computers upon valid purchase of a product key ("PRODUCT KEY") for the FULL SOFTWARE from Nikon (TRIAL SOFTWARE and FULL SOFTWARE and associated electronic documentation, collectively "SOFTWARE"); and

Thanks a lot.But still Nikon Guy here is maintaining that it cant be installed on two systems ..anyways buying it this week

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