First RX100 photos: St. Lawrence Market

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Re: First RX100 photos: St. Lawrence Market

dkojevnikov wrote:

jdrx2012 wrote:

really good images at the store here; sharp and colorful, well exposed.

When mine arrives, unlike some other 'camera Columbos'(setting out to investigate the camera as though it were a crime scene!) I will visit a few of my regular testing grounds for new gear.

I have used some fine cameras in the past few years but none near the size of the RX100 had output like these.

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Joe D.

When you receive your camera just switch it into AF-C (continuous autofocus) and you will be amazed no less than I was with lens constantly going in and out of focus, all the time, no stopping. It is not some fancy functionality but basic stuff.

Yes, the pulsing is quite amazing. But I find that it seems to take in focus photos even while it is doing it. Does yours ever miss?


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