RX100 control ring question

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Re: RX100 control ring question

pocky wrote:

ash uk wrote:

pocky wrote:

Before I deselected the display option, I could spin the rear control wheel when scene mode was selected and choose a new scene very quickly.

Are you sure? The rear control wheel does nothing for me in scene mode. It seems to me that this would be the solution to the problem though - to switch the scene options to the rear control ring when the front ring is set to zoom.

It does seems like a bug that it does not do this. Or does it? How do you make it work!?


OK - you need to make sure 'mode dial guide' is set to on (1st tab of the spanner menu).

Then when you've turned the mode dial to scene mode press the centre button. You get a scene selection menu and can then spin the rear wheel to select the desired scene.


Sound good, but doesn't work. The centre button in the middle of the rear wheel? It just toggles continuous focus (is set to "standard" in the menu). I have the mode dial guide on.

Oh I just got it! You click the middle ring while the guide is displaying! Then the options appear. Well I might try it and see if the benefit of zoom on the front ring outweigh the tedium of the guide display!



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