Has Nikon fixed the D800/E AF Left Side Focus Problem?

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Re: No, they haven't fixed this issue.

I'm wondering of some of the problem has to do with the (reported) reliance upon the 50/1.4G as the calibration lens. I found my 50/1.4G to be the most consistent focuser with respect to the 51 point field on my first "repaired" (yet still highly unsatisfactory) D800 body, while on the other hand my far more important 2.8G zooms produced wild, all over the map results that were not good overall (though perfectly fine if used at center point only, as if it were a 5Dm1).

When I personally dropped off my second D800 at El Segundo I specifically noted that my "reference lens" was the 24-70G. I suppose they will laugh that off, but on the off chance they heed it I can at least hope it will help.

My first D800 is now a "looper" and will be going to Melville as soon as the one currently at El Segundo returns. This is because, as a looper, it is now entitled to free shipping labels, which the service manager (who is at Melville) prefers to have sent near him so that he may personally evaluate whether the customers like me are correct in our claim or not (though he of course is not likely to divulge his determination back to us).

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