Nikon 135mm f1.8 hopefully Blazing Fast AF? Who plans to buy?

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Re: I hope you are wrong!

primeshooter wrote:

Have you shot with either DC lenses? Used properly it is great but not many will appreciate it I will give you that.

Though I don't own DC lenses, I've tried one - actually Nikkor AF 135/2.0 DC. As for me - I don't like DC feature at all (and the same digital effects - such as glamor glow etc.). But this is MY taste. I'm sure somebody like it.
All I want to say about DC is:

  • DC is only one of numerous foto (optic) effects and surely not the main feature we can't live without; for example - some people like to use ND, polarized filters, but it doesn't mean that they 'd be incorporated in lens design (though I'm sure it could be done).

  • DC feature is not for free and it complicates overall lens design, so if only marginal part of customers really need it, it is unnatural to sell it for everyone.

Don't get me wrong! From my experience of using Nikkor AF 135/2.0 DC I can say that it is VERY interesting optically (thanks for f/2.0 mainly) and feels good mechanically but has some major flaws:

  • no VR - cuz this lens is mainly used for portraits we don't need high speeds all the time (1/150s) - it would be enough 1/20 - 1/50s in low light which is impossible to shoot hand-held with Nikkor AF 135/2.0 DC;

  • no AF-S - it needs more reliable AF for shooting moving objects (indoor sports, dances, children etc.) + may be faster AF + silent AF + all-time AF correction as a bonus.

  • high bokeh CA (should be ED-glass elements) and could be better sharpness and contrast wide open. It would be interesting if Nikon engineers could tune new lens in such way, that it would be sharper at medium and long distances and LITTLE less sharp (micro-sharpness) at short distances (for shooting tide portraits - head shots and so on).

AND f/1.8 - is highly appreciated for better blur, especially for full height portraits at medium distances. I know - the best lens for this is Nikkor 200mm/2.0 but it is TOO heavy, big and expensive. I think 135mm/1.8 - is best compromise in that regard.

All in all - thanks for response!

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