650D and STM lenses - Consensus?

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Re: 650D and STM lenses - Consensus?

boels069 wrote:

(I have the EF 40 f/2,8 STM on a 5DII, maybe it works different on a 650D)

FTM is not possible, the focus ring is disengaged from the AF-mechanism when in AF-mode.

Thanks for getting back to me on that. I've heard that a couple of times since asking the question so I'd call that confirmed.

Seems to be you can FTM on the 18-135 STM, so it's not the motor that matters but the whole design.

In MF-mode the focus ring has no stops, turns very smoothly (like "fly by wire") and is fast, just using a vinger top.

Really fast moving the ring produces a high wining sound, demonstrating the possible high focus speed.

Interesting, thanks.

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