Why I'll have a look at EOS M, and what I'll look for...

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Re: Why I'll have a look at EOS M, and what I'll look for...

alexzn wrote:

Not really... OM-D is quite a bit bigger, but a MUCH better photographic tool. Based on the test shots at DPR, the sensor in the OM-D is actually better than the EOS-M sensor (despite being smaller,...I know...)

I'll give you that looking at the dpreview test shots, looking at raw, they look extremely similar, despite the Olympus having the smaller sensor.

The Olympus is still a physically bigger camera with a higher price tag.

If you add IBIS to the mix, the Olympus is a much better value for your money.

I like in body stabilization, but you should only need 1/35 to take pics with a 35mm-equivalent lens without image stabilization - and 1/30 is about the lowest shutter speed you can go to for pics of people posing, 1/60 is preferable, as 1/30 will give you blur if they move at all during the shot.

There is no indication so far that the 22mm Canon pancake is an optical gem, while the 20f1.7 is cell known for being very good.

There's no reason to believe that the Canon pancake will be bad, either. The 20f1.7 is also know for it's relatively slow autofocus (putting it on par with most Canon compacts, I believe, not saying the EOS-M will be better, but likely the same).

RX100 deserves a serious look by anyone who wants a compact just in case travel camera. Built beautifully too.

It's a very nicely specced camera, definitely.

PaulRivers wrote:

Yeah, the EOS-M is really the:

  • Smallest

  • Best for low light

  • At the lowest cost

Mirrorless you can buy. The NEX doesn't compete as it doesn't have a compact f2.0-or-better prime lens.

The only other interesting option is the Olympus e5m (I think that's the name) - with the f1.7 lens which is about 1/2 of a stop better than f2.0, that makes up some of the sensor difference, and the in-body stabilization gives you IS as well, something the Canon does lack. However, that's also $900 + a $350 lens, so...the Canon is still the cheapest...

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