12-35mm came in the mail today from Amazon US

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Re: 12-35mm came in the mail today from Amazon US

Thanks for the tip! Firefox did what Chrome did not.

These were taken on an OM-D with the same settings: f/4.0, 1/80 sec, tripod- no IBIS or OIS, ISO 200. I did some minor exposure and shadow tweaks in LR4 and applied a low sharpening for screen at export.

Dixa wrote:

when the upload tool goes pear shaped, try a different browser. usually works for me.

reggieandtfe wrote:

Initial thoughts:

  • it feels much more solid than the other Panasonic lenses I've handled.

  • The color is not an absolute black; it's not purple like the review lenses, but there is a red tint to the metal.

  • It only seems slightly bigger than the 14-45mm volume-wize. However, it also feels heavier and I will probably be using the extra grip on my OM-D.

  • The close focus is fantastic. No one will mistake it for a macro, but it gets plenty close at 35mm.

  • The rubber ring to seal around the lens mount is very tiny and almost unnoticeable.

I could only do a quick comparison with the 14mm pancake and it seems to have slightly more distortion while also having a higher resolution and better colors and contrast. I would post the quick sample pics with crops I did, but I'm currently unable to upload to dpreview galleries for some reason.

Time to go sell a kidney...haha.

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