Macro Lens Budget Options?

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Re: Macro Lens Budget Options?

WOW! THAT's what I want to produce!
Y'all have stunning photos!

I'm feeling really dumb at this point because since I finally took the leap to DSLR last Christmas I have sorta wiped from memory the stuff I played with before; messing with fixed-lens prosumer digitals I used to cobble up all sorts of FrankenLenses, stacking tubes, adapters and M42 and Tmount stuff to build bizarre TCs. I even used to have a bellows-slide reversed prime Super Takumar on an OLY for a while. I really hadn't thought much about applying the same principles to the 7D as it wasn't stuck with a dedicated lens. But I see that you guys are obviously right, look at the results!
Ok, this means new questions:

Ext tube method: what approximate FLs are available using the rings in the link? Does AF work fully at 5.6 (200mm)? Would the 85 (the fastest I own) work well with this in low light? Would it be really too short? ~ I intend to shoot 'unfriendlys'... hornets,wasps, etc.

Reversing ring method:

Educate me; I've used these before with fixed lenses, "stacking" a small prime in reverse on them. Does the setup you're using actually employ TWO lenses, or does the reversing ring go right on the body?

Alternate: Does the FD adapter idea have merit, assuming availability of a cheap FD macro?

Thanks for all replies!

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