Why I'll have a look at EOS M, and what I'll look for...

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Re: Why I'll have a look at EOS M, and what I'll look for...

ScottieC wrote:

Well the Canon EOS-M is out and I am more than likely going to buy it come October for my wife. This Canon EOS-M is a consumer class camera, this is not a pro camera; however, I would expect some serious photographers to pick it up. This new camera does have full manual and automatic capabilities, and it is all touch screen controlled.

Completely agree

I believe this will be a great compliment to the Canon DSLR’s, when people don’t want to carry a DSLR. The specifications are very similar to the Canon EOS Rebel T4i/650D, so the choice a person would need to make is the body type. Do you want a DSLR or a small slim body?

Completely agree

There is a very strong positive about the camera, and that is the EF-M adapter that is used to connect the Canon EF and EF-S lenses to the body. The fact that you can use the camera with a Canon designed adapter, is miles ahead of anything else because you know it is completely compatible with all of the Canon EF & EF-S lenses, if you choose to use them. I can see this used for street walking and for Macro-work.

Completely agree

This camera does not appear to have weather sealing, and so far, Canon has not stated that it has any kind of inclement weather resistance. In addition, the EF-M adapter does not have a seal on the back end that would plug into the EF-M mount on the body, and the battery/SD card door clearly shows a lack of weather sealing.

Don't agree, weather sealing is not required on this level of camera.

Some of the issues I see are:
Lack of weather sealing,

Wait for the semi pro model

Only does 4.3 fps and it should have at least 6 FPS.

Wait for the semi pro model

Max shutter speed is only 1/4000th

Can't remember that last time I needed anything faster

SD card is used instead of CF card (That is a 50/50%) depending on who you are.

No built in networked connectivity (unless it is compatible with the Canon WFT-E7A Wireless File Transmitter and the camera does have USB hmmm)

Well, on the last two, a CF card is far too big for the body, most people interested in this camera will be coming from cameras that already use SD cards and you could always use an Eye-Fi card so networking solved.

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