Ken Rockwell...EOS M world's first serious mirrorless.

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Even a ten years old can do what KR is doing

"more likely to trash a good camera than he is to praise a bad one" is god damn easy to do. Just focus on praising flagship cameras from big brand then 99% of time we cannot be wrong. This is actually what KR is doing so I don't have any respect on his opinion. I don't know anybody who cannot do the same thing.

balchinian wrote:

Ken Rockwell is just one person, and he has biases that you would expect for one person. Well, maybe a little more biases than you would expect for one person I find his opinions and reviews useful, but I would never rely on them exclusively. He's very closed-minded, and all about the basics. That point of view is pretty sobering in a world where meaningless feature lists sell more cameras than unadulterated quality. If a camera can win over KR, it's probably a decent camera. If it doesn't get past the Ken Rockwell filter, then it's time to seek other opinions. He's more likely to trash a good camera than he is to praise a bad one.

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