LX7 CMOS Sensor Concern

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Re: LX7 CMOS Sensor Concern

Unfortunately the video capabilities of digital cameras seem to be taking the lead regarding camera development. Even on this site they seem to think it is important whether the camera has 1080i or p, myself I couldn’t care I have never shot a video on my camera and doubt I will. When I reach that part of reviews I just head straight past it.

I have owned lots of cameras in the past from 110 to medium format my favorites were the Ricoh GR1, Olympus XA4 and Konica Auto S2, all full frame with a fixed lens. I am still waiting for the digital equivalent to be released. I currently have the LX5 upgraded from the LX2 and had big hopes for the LX7, but being bigger and having a slightly smaller sensor is a step back for me, though I am sure the video is a lot better. At the moment I am thinking Fuji X100 or Sony R100, but I am puzzled by the fact you can’t get a full frame digital sensor in a compact body they used to do it with film. Even if they could get the full frame in a compact the market would be too small they wouldn’t sell enough to make it worthwhile. The rapid turnover of new models means they only have a small window of time to make a profit; my old OM-2n seemed to be around for decades. There is always the Leica Monochrome but I have yet to win the lottery and it is interchangeable lens.

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