Will EOS-M develop into NEX beater?

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Re: Canon is so far behind, it's pitiful

Ed Rizk wrote:

Skip M wrote:

Ed Rizk wrote:

From what I've read, it is a pretty low featured junker. I'm sure IQ is good, but NEX just smokes it on features.
Ed Rizk

Y'know, terms like "junker" when attached to a newly released camera seem calculated to getting a strong reaction, not an attempt at starting a civil discussion...

Maybe so. I am so disappointed that I have to use some hyperbole. If this were not a family site, I would be down right profane.

Whaddya gonna do when something is really bad? I reserve terms like that, and profanity for that matter, for times when they're not hyperbole...

That being said, I'm not sure that the features the NEX "smokes" the Canon on aren't balanced by what the Canon does have, if you compare it to the 5n, anyway. The Sony has a faster frame rate (there's really no excuse for the Canon only doing 4.3, unless it's to leave room for improvement...)

On a small camera for hand holding HDR and for predictive focus on action, this one is important to me.

I would never try HDR hand held, too many things can throw it. The reported slow AF is certainly an issue...

and an articulated LCD

This is a huge one for me too. I like the articulating screen so much that it is hard to understand why it's not a major factor to everyone. Get low and high angle shots without climbing on the furniture or laying on the floor, which looks kind of silly at my age. When I bought my first DSLR, the Nikon 5100 was not out, nor was the T3i, so the 60D was the only "state of the art" DSLR with the articulating screen. That's one of the biggest reasons I chose it.

This is one of two deal breakers on the new Canon for me, too.

The Canon has more resolution,

The two sensors are pretty comparable. 18 is a little better than 16, but the sony sensor has some great low light capabilities.

more AF points and a few other things that may, or may not, be important.

Faster/better AF could be an advantage. We'll see what it looks like. I used P&S cameras for a long time and have tricks for dealing with it, but when I can use the OVF and the fast focus, it's very cool.

Not much to choose between them, neither serve my purpose, so I'll sit on the sidelines and wait to see what Canon comes up with and how much they decide to charge for it.

Neither will make me give up my 60D, but I would like something small with as much versatility and IQ as I can get for traveling by plane and socializing.

At $800 with 22mm lens, it's perilously close to Rebel and 60D pricing ( $850 w/lens to $950 w/o lens) and a hundred bucks over the price of the equivalent(ish) Sony.

That's why I'm going to sit this one out. I have a 60D, also, so there's not really any pressure.

It is more money for less camera.

I wouldn't say less camera, but it's certainly more money for a camera that has no real advantage over its competition.

But, then, that's been Canon's modus operendi of late...witness the 5D3 at a $500 premium over the D800, not necessarily less camera, but not one with a clear advantage over its competition...

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