A-57 or A-65?

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Re: A-57 or A-65?

I also just bought Sony 18250 for my a57 and like it very much. The lens is much easier to get better IQ than the kit lens 1855. Before I buy the 18250, I was shooting with 50f18 and I realised the a57 is really benefited by this lens compared to 1855. Last Sunday I was intended to shoot raw+jpeg then I realised with this setting the in camera jpeg functions are mostly unapplicable. That really take away the fun of shooting. I am still a jpeg shooter so that's is ok.

Having touched the 1650 on the a77 last Sat and love the lens. The price of a57 is very good now so getting the a57+1650 is like big bargain.

Back to topic, both camera is good. Choose base on budget pick either one is in win win situation.

yorugua wrote:

I went for the A65 for having memories of my two sons.

I mostly take pictures of them playing, so I usually have the A65 coupled with a 18-250mm sony superzoom: you never know what they are going to be doing, so you need to be flexible, and switching lenses say in a beach is a no-no. As they do their thing mostly outdoors and with good weather, then you get good light for shooting.

I choose the A65 with its 24MP for "future proofing" my pictures as much as I could with better resolution. I usually shoot jpeg + raw, and process with After Shot pro or similar if I need more out of the jpeg (the jpegs on the A65 could do better, that's my opinion).

Can't actually compare with the A57... but the A65 looks good. If you are going to do jpeg+raw, be sure to get a fast SD card.

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