Canon EOS M vs Sony NEX-5N/F5

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Canon EOS M vs Sony NEX-5N/F5

Honest question here, give me some sound, reasonable arguments to prefer the EOS M over the Sony NEX-5N from a year ago, or the upcoming NEX-F5 (likely to be available around the same time the EOS M is, in October). I'm sure Canon is aware of NEX and yet it seems like they basically offered a stripped down NEX-5N that costs more money. Again let's assume the person is either buying their first camera or upgrading from a compact.

  • Viewfinder: Sony Optional, Canon No

  • Tilt screen: Sony Yes, Canon No

  • Hand grip: Sony Yes, Canon No

  • Focus peaking: Sony Yes, Canon No

  • FPS: Sony 10, Canon 4.3

  • Video: Sony 1080/60p, Canon 1080/30p

  • Battery life: Sony 460 shots, Canon 230 shots

  • Native lenses with autofocus: Sony 10, Canon 2

  • Price: Sony $699 w/18-55mm, Canon $849 w/18-55mm

I didn't notice any specs that seemed to favor the Canon. Certainly it seems there would have to be quite a few to overcome these plus the difference in price. I've also heard that the Canon's autofocus has problems, especially during video. Again I am not explicitly trying to make the argument that NEX-5N is better than EOS M but the facts speak for themselves so if there is any evidence that favors the Canon I am soliciting the experts.

The only real point I have heard is that Canon offers the cheap 22mm f/2 pancake which might be nice for some people but I suspect that due to the low cost design and pancake size, it will struggle to perform well at f/2 and maybe even f/2.8, like the Sony 16mm f/2.8. So hopefully there is more in Canon's favor than that because otherwise it seems like an unfair matchup in Sony's favor.

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