m43 vs Canon M lenses price comparison

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Re: m43 vs Canon M lenses price comparison

The problem here is that any Canon shooter now is probably not going to consider buying a m4/3 at the moment if he even has a few EoS lenses. So that market has sort of dired up. I know the Nikon J1, V1 aren't super great but a lot of the Nikon guys are buying them instead of m 4/3. Sony peeps are buying the Nex series. Oly and Panny are running out of buyers as of late the way I see it.

Canon is the 800 pound Gorilla in cameras. They will sell a lot of them and even more when the next version comes out. Canon has had over 2 years to look and see what the mirrorless trends are. They are well prepared to be the market leader sales wise.

I am not saying m4/3 products are bad, just the big boy has entered the fray.

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