So why can't Nikon do THIS?

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Re: So why can't Nikon do THIS?

Hi Steve,

While I agree that 150-5,000Hz is terrible for music, I cannot agree that ANY audio encoded at 128 kbit/s, 48000 Hz is stellar. In fact, it is pretty bad. You also neglect to mention a value of + or - dB in the range of 25 to "around 19 kHz". Is "around 19 kHz at -5dB? This would be an important thing to know, as well as what the total harmonic distortion would be. Another VERY important factor is the bit depth of the A/D converters.

The Nokia audio specs are hardly impressive by pro audio standards...

I do "get your point" and agree with you that Nikon's audio specifications on the D7000 are sub-par and they should be embarrassed for releasing a digital recording device that doesn't even sound as good as an iPod.

Where did you find the audio specs for the D7000? I don't see it listed anywhere in the owner's manual (which means they are not proud of it). Is the 150-5k for the built in mic? Surely the external input would allow for a wider range? At least the file format is listed as linear PCM.

We all need to be more vocal about what we expect from the manufacturers. The following is a very inaccurate statement quoted from Nikon's web site regarding the use of external mics: "Also the auto setting on our cameras (for audio) cause the gain to increase when no sound is projected to the mic. This will cause the wow-and-flutter sound that some users are reporting." Wow-and-flutter is/was a term used in analog devices such as tape machines or vinyl records that refers to unwanted speed variations that result in pitch changes. This unwanted side effect is simply not possible in a digital recording device. The fact that Nikon improperly uses this term to describe an auto gain function shows their ignorance of audio.

I cannot find any audio specs on Nikon USA's site for the D7000 or D800- that is terrible for devices in this price range, especially when you can get dedicated recorders for $100.00 that have published audio specs.

So Steve, I do agree with you that Nikon is not proud of their audio if they are hiding the specs from us, and they SHOULD be able to provide high quality audio recording- it is simply not that expensive anymore to provide decent quality.

I've rambled on long enough.

You are a fantastic photographer! Thanks for sharing your talent.

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