Has Nikon fixed the D800/E AF Left Side Focus Problem?

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Re: Several steps to the "fix"

Marianne Oelund wrote:

The next step is addressing unsold units in distribution. Re-inspecting and correcting these is quite likely outside of their distribution-chain capability, so I do not personally expect them to be fixed before they end up in the hands of buyers.

The flip side of this is that Nikon believe it is less expensive and less burdensome to re-inspect and correct units returned to service centres by customers than to re-inspect and correct units which are still in the supply chain.

Otherwise, Nikon would halt D800 sales until re-inspected units are available for sale, and Nikon would halt production until the production process and production tests are corrected.

Conventional wisdom is that the earlier in the production/sale process you fix problems, the cheaper the fix is.

  • It is cheaper to fix problems in the factory than in the supply chain or the field.

  • It is cheaper to fix problems in the supply chain than in the field.

In this case, it seems that Nikon believe the 'failure' rate is low enough that gearing up for customer returns is less expensive than 100% re-test of unsold units in the supply channels.

Certainly, communications between service centers and customers needs to be improved. Cases where owners have submitted their cameras for service multiple times, simply shouldn't be happening; the service centers should be explaining when they expect to be able to calibrate these units, and they should be providing shipping at their cost.

As Thom Hogan would say (forgive me if I am putting the wrong words in his mouth), this is not a communications improvement problem , this is a Nikon corporate culture characteristic . Until all the details are worked out, and training and spare parts and test gear are fully deployed, say nothing . Nikon is acting exactly as expected -- entirely true to form -- and as they have handled similar problems in the past. This is highly reminiscent of the manner in which Nikon handled the D200 "banding" problem.

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