Changing Lenses on the Fly - Help!!!

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Re: Changing Lenses on the Fly - Help!!!

With the use of these smaller EF-S lens, I most always use a minimum of two cameras with lenses attached. I've been doing that for a long time, first with my Olympus system. For a little extra weight, I'm able to quickly pull out the camera and lens combination I want. There's no longer any hesitation of whether or not, should I change the lens. There's less missed shots and more opportunities for photography.

This is very important when I'm faced with these situations...when I'm taking pictures under an umbrella as rain falls, at people events where time is critical, when I'm around a lot of other people, when there's a lot of sand, dust & wind, and when I just don't want to take a chance of dropping the lens or camera.

All of that goes away with the additional camera, which I jokingly call a large lens cap. This may not be for everyone, but a lot of photographers are seen with more than one camera and lens. Usually they have one slung over the shoulders and one in the hand. I prefer to carry them in two side bags for convenience.

Anyway, this is what I do. You may decide that it's what you would like to do too. A lot of my "Show Your Snaps" photos were taken this way (as seen in the last set). It's also a good excuse to convince yourself to buy that next new camera.

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