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The forlorn hope?

dweekie wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Hope you have not already bought the Canon dslr. Canon just superseded the EF mount lenses with the EF-M lens system. But I guess that a lens or so between friends is no big bother.

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Tom Caldwell

I don't think superseded is the right word since EF-M will only work on the new mirrorless systems and will not support full frame sensors. The current mount won't be going away any time soon.

Good point. So what are we going to do with our new EF-M? It is basically "yet another" mount system with a shorter flange back distance as you have rightly noted.

So if we buy one an adapter is necessary lest we fall into the "few native lenses for that mount" vacuum and join the chant for Canon to make more EF-M mount lenses just for variety. It will take some time for even Canon to replicate it's vast range of EF lenses to the new mount. So the EF-M seems pretty pointless unless one is "desperate" for an EVIL-type camera body specifically from Canon.

Canon must have known that it's EF mount system was being cloned and has "conveniently" timed the EF-M just before the "last hurrah" where users of existing Canon lenses would been syphoned off in great numbers by electronically aperture-cloned adapters to other manufacturer's mount systems. Too little too late perhaps?

If you have to have an adapter then the necessity that your camera must be an EF-M recedes quite a lot.

There is a military term called the "Forlorn Hope" where a small party of (usually) cavalry was sent out to test the enemy army's defences. They just "hoped" that the enemy was not quite ready for them.

I see this as more of what Canon are up to than moving away from their lifeline dslr models. These days I see Canon more interested in the film industry than still photography. Something where big can still be beautiful.

Notably Olympus made an adapter for their 4/3 lenses when M4/3 was introduced but then the Olympus cavalcade then fully embraced M4/3 from then on. Whether we see something similar from Canon (eventually abandoning the regular EOS mount) is harder to believe, but replicating the existing EOS EF range in EF-M mount also stretches credibility. So they have fish but whether fowl will follow is the question unanswered.

To have both systems complete with a full supporting cast of lenses pushes the credibility a little far for me.

My main rage here is that the EOS mount is being cloned to M4/3 and NEX mounts only (so far) and this must further entrench them as the true successors to Nikon and Canon.

PK, NX and LM must go it alone. That would not worry me much except I have staked quite a big heap of chips on Canon's future EF EVIL-type camera body plays. I don't think I am alone in that regard.

So I am rightly aggrieved that Canon refuse to make the professional level fully EVIL-type body that they undoubtedly can make if they so chose to do.

An Olympus E-M5 and Kipon EOS adapter is starting to look sweet. Or a NEX-7 and Metabones EOS adapter. Choices, choices and not a Canon body in (my) sight ...

The Metabones site says they cannot keep up with demand (please be patient).

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Tom Caldwell

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