LX7 vs RX100

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Re: RX100 sensor size is huge

SkiHound wrote:

Comparing raw sensor performance I'd expect the RX100 would clearly win.

I don't have to speculate, I have actually compared the RAW (RW2) LX7 files with the RAW (ARW) RX100 files posted at I-R. You can find my many posts over the past week analyzing the results.

Bottom line - RX100 at 1600 is noticeably better S/N than LX7 at 800, but RX100 at 3200 has fallen behind the ISO800 LX7.

However, the resolution of the RX100 sensor and lens at ISO1600 is much better than that LX7 at ISO800. Much better - at least 30% in each direction.

So there are pluses and minuses, and we should not blind ourselves to the actual data. And frankly, I have gone blue in the face posting actual data which nobody bothers to look at.


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