Has Nikon fixed the D800/E AF Left Side Focus Problem?

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Several steps to the "fix"

mbecke wrote:

I guess when you get down to the bottom of the D800/D800E left side AF issue, the important question to ask is whether the problem has been cured by Nikon. Does anyone have a factually based response to this question? Thank you!

Cured at what level?

I'm sure by this time, that Nikon know the cause of the problem, and are either addressing that in production, or have finished doing so. If their production lines aren't putting out issue-free units yet, they should be very soon, so the number of "problem" units in the field will stop rising.

The next step is addressing unsold units in distribution. Re-inspecting and correcting these is quite likely outside of their distribution-chain capability, so I do not personally expect them to be fixed before they end up in the hands of buyers.

The evidence is that there are not "problem" batches that can be identified by serial numbers, as user reports indicate the "problem" and "good" units are interleaved. There is no reason to expect that Nikon can even identify affected units by serial number, and if this is the case they will need to rely on buyers detecting them.

That brings us to the sold units, and the capabilities of service centers. As reported by Ming, correcting the affected units requires some additional equipment to be provided to service centers. One should expect such equipment to be in short supply initially, so only the largest centers will be able to perform repairs at this time.

There could be a huge number of cameras needing re-calibration, and this is probably what's driving Nikon's silence: They simply can't handle the flood of submissions to service centers that would occur, if they admit there's a problem. Their only choice is to let them trickle through, as buyers discover issues. It's far from an ideal situation, but it appears to me that their hands are tied - except:

Certainly, communications between service centers and customers needs to be improved. Cases where owners have submitted their cameras for service multiple times, simply shouldn't be happening; the service centers should be explaining when they expect to be able to calibrate these units, and they should be providing shipping at their cost.

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