Samsung still have a mountain to climb

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Re: I think it is Samsungs' own fault ,,, I AGREE

tombell1 wrote:

THE NX20 LOOKS A GREAT CAMERA WITH AN ARTICULATING SCREEN WHICH IT MAY OR MAY NOT NEED ... HOWEVER FOR PEOPLE USED TO AN OVF AN ARTICULTATING SCREEN IS IMPERATIVE if there is no EVf/ OVF option ... and its crazy to produce the NX210 without ability to scrww in OVf/ EVf.... not for me but for others .. And why no Articulting screen given that the NX20/ EX1 have them .. its madness!!!

NX210 with Art screen .. and Wi Fi and optional EVF .. I'd buy one today .. perfect with those excellent little primes
Tom Bell

You know, Tom, i agree with you as a buyer. nx210 would be an awesome in NX line and begs for articulated screen, whilst and nx20 has evf and artic and nx1000 has neither. but not you dictate the market it's rules. you are just given the opportunity to buy some product from some manufacturer. just make the decision, don't bash on samsung guys because they have some different vision and priorities. i guess it could be a choice where they could leave the nx200 chassis untouched and stick the wifi in it or have a tough decision of reinventing the chassis body, investing a hell lot of money and 100 Tom Bells that would adopt to nx line, would bring less profit, then redesigning/ prototyping / manufacture changing process cost. really. don't take it so personal.

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