RX100 - CAN next generation have better apertures at long zoom?

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Re: All small cameras are tradeoffs

Ray Sachs wrote:

The RX100 uses a larger sensor and larger lens (when extended) but still a pretty slow lens as it moves up through the zoom range. ....Panasonic and Samsung clearly elected to go for faster lenses and smaller sensors. If the sensors are good enough (everyone has a different level of enough ), I like that tradeoff.

Don't let the "faster" f stop number mislead into thinking that it is better.

The matter of the fact is that even though Sony f/4.9 looks slower, it is in fact very close to LX7 f/2.3 when you compare them with aperture equivalence - around 1/8th stop difference between the two.

And this only applies for longer focal length, at wider focal length, and under good light where you don't need to shoot at widest aperture, basically, RX100 has all the advantages.

As far as I can see, this is not a "tradeoff". Sony does not lose out much at the longest focal length (around 1/8th stop), while it holds the advantage in most other area (1 1/2 stop better at wide angle). The only decision is between 24mm vs 28mm, cost, size, hot shoe etc...

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