Difference between VRII with and without TC20E-III?

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Pictures: Difference between VRII with and without TC20E-III?

Well, now I have sent it to Nikon Service.

Here are two pictures from 70-200 + TC20E-III at 140 mm and 400 mm.

The third picture is from my 80-400VR (which I don't have anymore), shot at 400 mm. Even though the 80-400 picture are at slower shutter, the picture seems more sharp.

IMO something strange happens at 400 mm.

Without TC20, the 70-200 seems to perform okay.

All pictures are directly out of the camera, converted from NEF to JPEG in NX2.

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

If your pictures are still unsharp and worse than when you had the 80-400 at 400 (they should be a little better) can you post a link to an image?

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