Reasons to switch to Oly M-5?

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Russ Houston
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Re: I went EP1 to EM5. Lots of good reasons... - I agree

TrapperJohn wrote:

Never upgraded to later EP's or EPL's because to me the benefits just didn't offset the cost.

The EM5 did cross that cost/benefit line for me. Improvements:

IS, it's not just better, it's way better. The EP1's IS was a bit of a disappointment. EM5's IS exceeds expectations. It really is as effective as the hype suggested.

The EVF. It's good, real good, and that comes from an E3 owner who was spoiled on its big, bright OVF. It's easy to forget the EM5 has an EVF. And, unlike the later EP's and EPL's, it isn't perched delicately on the flash hotshoe, where a careless bump might result in tragedy. It's built in, rock solid.

RAW output - a lot more headroom, especially lifting shadows and highlights. EP1 wasn't bad, but EM5 is very strong here.

Higher ISO's. 6400 on the EP1 was a novelty. On the EM5, it's a viable option. And the EM5 is very consistent from 200 to 3200, not much if any color shift. You can use auto ISO and not worry about the higher ISO's. You can use ISO6400 without cringing thinking about what the shot will look like.

AF. It's faster on the EM5, even when comparing the same lens. Also a lot better in lower light. The EM5 gets lock in situations that would baffle the EP1.

Handling. The photos don't really bring this out, but the EM5 is about EP1 size. A bit taller with the EVF hump, but only a bit, and believe it or not, the EM5 is actually a bit slimmer, even with the fold out LCD (another nice addition). It's every bit as portable as the EP1, with two big thumbwheels instead of one and that fiddly thing around the 4 way switch. The thumb hook makes for a more solid grip.

And the battery grip. I love this. It gives the EM5 a dual personality. Tiny when you want it, add just the vertical part for better handling but still very small, add the full grip for use with larger lenses like HG ZD's. Wow, I can now work the 50-200's zoom ring and not have the body pivot out of my right hand.

In short, the EM5 improves all the things you really like about the EP1, and eliminates most of the things you don't like. Olympus really got it right this time.

Everything Trapper John said goes for me as well. I like my EP-1, but the E-M5 is just in a different class.

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