Canon 18-135mm STM Lens - Got it!

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Re: Canon 18-135mm STM Lens - Got it!

Vernon D Rainwater wrote:

englishman wrote:

As with all the other shots I've posted (minus a couple of crops), none of these are cropped, sharpened or post-processed.

I have viewed all images and read all posts. My honest opinion is that you may be entirely too critical since I actually didn't see even ONE bad Photo -- especially since you indicate you have not applied any post processing (such as USM sharpening).

Gee, don't photos need some post sharpening applied?

Even with my 300 f2.8 & 7D, I usually set the usm slider to 2 or 3 when using DPP.

I'd like to see the OP's samples with a little sharpening applied.

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