m43 vs Canon M lenses price comparison

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Re: m43 vs Canon M lenses price comparison

This comparison is a little moot:

1) Can't compare lens prices until you see the performance. Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 is reviewed to be a pretty sharp lens. Can't say if Canon 22mm f/2 will match its performance without testing it.

2) Canon has announced only 2 lenses. m43 has more than 20 lenses available. 2 lenses' cost don't indicate a trend.

The kit lens:

you chose the 14-42 X version of the Panasonic lens for price comparison. Panasonic makes a $130 version, as well as the excellent 14-45 costing $255. Then there is the olympus version for bodies with in body image stabilization, which at $150 is half the price of canon's $300 (all prices at amazon right now). Canon's EF-S 18-55 is widely considered a pretty bad lens, not sure how this version will perform.

The flashes:
Canon Speedlight 90Ex: Guide number is 9 (source: photographyblog.com)
Olympus FL-14: Guide number is 14 (and its available for $130 at amazon).

Canon's body is more expensive than entry level bodies in m43 because its a magnesium alloy one. Why a beginner level body (not even optional VF, compact like controls) has a magnesium alloy body is something I don't understand.

Finally, Canon has not exactly been leading the sensor race recently. Its image quality in 650D is pretty comparable to Panasonic GX1 or G3 (both cheaper than EOS M). Check 650D's dpreview standard image quality comparison. So, the advantage of APS-C vs m43 is also neutralized for now. Olympus' E-M5 actually has better IQ than Canon 650D.

Thus your comparisons were pretty wide of the mark. Please do a bit more thorough research before doing such a post.

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