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Tapper123 wrote:

Sony definitely has the lead right now, at least in terms of camera bodies. But they have been at this for a while. Speaking of lethargy, Sony is taking eons to release good quality lenses well-matched to the mirrorless format.

It will be very interesting to see if Canon takes advantage. Perhaps there is a clue to their approach and potential in recent lens releases. Over a short period of recent time Canon have announced 5 fairly small lenses that are not out-of-place on the EOS-M: the 24 and 28 IS lenses, the shorty 40 and the two EF-M lenses. While there are rumors of Sony releases soon, these Canon lenses are real. If there are more EF-M lenses announced soon (say for Photokina), and/or other smallish EF lenses, that will indicate that Canon is very serious about playing competitively in the ILC space. Sony's lead in well-featured bodies might not mean so much then.

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