Northern California, which places?

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Re: Northern California, which places?

Erik Ohlson wrote:

All the routes suggested have very good points. Basically it's a toss-up, North or South, probably North wins considering Lassen & Crater Lake.

Five full days in San Francisco out of a two-week trip seem excessive to me (I live south of San Jose) and why anyone would want to spend more time in Sacramento than it takes to drive through it simply escapes me. Hopefully, your Mom has someone she wants to visit there. I can think of no other reason to go there.

If you haven't seen Yosemite, it would be a shame to miss it, but, regarding Tioga Pass: if it should happen to snow while you are east of the high country in Bodie or at Mono Lake and the pass is closed, be aware that if it's not opened the next day, it's a LONG way around to get back to the coast! It's not just "inconveient", it's a "flight-misser".

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The reason my dear mother wants to go to Sacramento is because of... wait for it... a bloody song. And no, I don't even care to remember the lyrics. She hasn't had the time to do any research regarding the trip, so I guess she clings to the few things she knows about California. Which makes a place mentioned in a song important. Yes, I'm rolling my eyes.

But I actually met my mother during a trip to the bush this past weekend and got to discuss our route and our trip a little. Conclusion: Sacramento MAY be crossed off the list.

We both love city vacations so five days in SF is not too much. It's not about the sights, but about ambience, different neighbourhoods, details here and there etc. Plus those days will let us recover from the jet lag et al.

Scratching Sacramento made me draw up a new and VERY ambitious plan. We might not be able to go through with it during our 8 days, but that's okay. It's only a start. It's a loop including all the areas we'd love to see and experience, if ever so little. SF > Crescent City > Shasta > Lassen > Bodie > Yosemite > Big Sur > SF. On paper, this route is possible, if we concentrate on doing just the important things along the way. But we might have to ditch the plan halfway through. Which makes the way we start to drive important.

Do we drive south via Santa Cruz and Monterey to Big Sur, or do we head up to Eureka on Saturday the 6th of October? I would go south, but then it's a weekend, and on top of that it's Columbus Day-weekend, which makes me believe that the PCH and Yosemite will be more crowded than normally? Am I on the right track, or does it really matter/have that much of an impact?

Good point about Tioga Pass. We will for sure be checking the weather continuously along the way.

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