Ken Rockwell...EOS M world's first serious mirrorless.

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Re: Ken Rockwell is a joke

dennis mol wrote:

He might draw clicks with this kind of across the bow shot but he blows his credibility giving nothing in support just garbage. 'Where's the beef Ken?'
In the world of mirrorless others are trying, Canon is just passing.

Seriously, Ken is just trolling for traffic.

This is his entire "compare to section" to address Sony and Samsung and MFT:

By "serious," I mean professional grade. Sony, Samsung, Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic and other third-tier brands offer lots of mirrorless cameras, but then aren't pro grade; they are just consumer electronics products and usually only with smaller 4/3 sensors (or smaller) and/or lens mounts often with few advanced lenses available. (First tier is LEICA, classic Hasselblad, Contax and others. Second tier is Nikon and Canon.)

Then he proceeds to address the Nikon 1 system as the primary competitor to the EOS-M.


I am sure the EF-M system will eventually be impressive, when they put out better bodies, but EOS-M camera body itself is nothing to write home about.


And I'm not clear on branding for the new mirrorless line. The first camera is EOS-M, but they haven't branded the overall line with a name at all. They going to brand this EOS M1, M2, M3 for the beginner line, and EOS M10, M20, etc. for the higher end models with the EVF etc.?

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