A different perspective on NEX lens roadmap

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Re: It's all still rationalizations

Yeah, your general counter of 'not enough lenses' is totally valid, I wasn't arguing that (or didn't mean to.)

I think when some people make that argument, they are actually saying they are missing a couple of key choices in the lineup that they want. And I think a fast normal is something a lot of enthusiasts want.

I mean I guess there are some people who literally want to buy a lot more NEX lenses. But I think the main point of a large lens lineup is not for everyone to buy them all (not that Sony would mind), but for most peoples' main preferences to be sufficiently covered.

zackiedawg wrote:

Again, I just wanted to point out that I was countering the 'not enough lenses' argument, and not necessarily the 'not enough of the right lenses for enthusiasts' argument.

I can agree that I'd love to see a nice selection of fast primes come for the NEX system...even if I personally don't need them.

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