At long last, Canon has created the Olympus EP1

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At long last, Canon has created the Olympus EP1

I really had high hopes that Canon would have waited so long to enter the MILC market because they wanted to learn from everyone elses mistakes.

I thought "Canon is a smart company. They know what they are doing. When they finally release a MILC camera, it will be a real winner."

But I was wrong.

Canon learned absolutely nothing, and simply released a very mundane, very basic MILC camera, at a ridiculously high price. They created a system that will appeal to absolutely no one unless they already have an arsenal of EOS lenses are are dying to put an L series lens on a tiny camera just to prove it can be done.

I am really disappointed.

This brand new Canon EOS M camera reminds me a lot of my three year old Olympus EP1:

  • Neither camera has an EVF

  • Neither has a way to attach an optional EVF

  • Neither has a built in flash

  • Both have only two lenses at release

  • Both lenses are kit lenses

  • One lens is a 3X zoom, the other is a 35mm EFL pancake

And to make matters even worse, the Canon EOS M is approximately the same size and weight as a Panasonic GX1, but the GX1 has better features, and sells for $250 less!

Aside from costing $250 less, the Panasonic GX1 gives you:

  • A built in pop up flash

  • Can use an optional plug in EVF

  • Has a built in digital level gauge

  • Has a real mode dial and a real control dial

  • Has two Fn buttons

  • Can go one stop higher without boost (ISO 12,800)

  • Will use smaller and lighter lenses.

  • Has a huge selection of lenses available (33, at last count)

  • Has 5 steps for Exposure Compensation (rather than 3)

  • Has up to 7 frames of AE bracketing

I think Canon really dropped the ball on this one. They passed up a golden opportunity to bring us the best MILC system, and instead they just threw something up there as a placeholder.... just in case the format catches on.
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